Call For Papers

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The 23rd  Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC 2021) is an international event organized by the IEEE RS/EPS/EDS Singapore Chapter and co-sponsored by IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS). EPTC 2021 will feature keynotes, technical papers, Invited talks, Panel session. It aims to provide a good coverage of technology developments in all areas of electronics packaging from design to manufacturing and operation. It is a major forum for the exchange of knowledge and provides opportunities to network and meet with leading international experts.  Since its inauguration in1997, EPTC has developed into a highly reputed electronics packaging conference and recognized as IEEE EPS  flagship conference in Region 10.

Youare invited to submit abstract(s) on new research and developments in the following packaging categories:

Advanced PackagingFlip-chip, 2.5D & 3D, embedded passives& actives on substrates, chiplets, system in packaging, embedded chip packaging technologies, panel-level packaging, RF, microwave & millimeter-wave, power and rugged electronics packaging. Advanced packaging solutions for 5G,IoT, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, antennas, sensors, power transfer, EM shielding, RF to THz communications.

TSV/Wafer Level Packaging: Wafer-level packaging, embedded chip packaging, 2.5D/3D integration, Silicon, SiC &Glass interposer, CoWoS, FoCoS, InFo, eWLB, bumping technologies, and so forth.

InterconnectionTechnologies: Au/Ag/Cu/AlWire-bond / Wedge bond technology, Flip-chip & Cu pillar, Solder alternatives, Cu to Cu, wafer-level bonding & die attachment (Pb-free),Fan-out, panel-level, chiplets, SiP, micro-bump, high I/Othermo-compression/hybrid bonding, fine-pitch/multi-layer RDL, printable interconnects, conductive/ nonconductive adhesives, low-temperature solder, interconnects design and technology for emerging applications.

EmergingTechnologies: Novel and unique packaging and material technologies for soft and intelligent packaging, flexible hybrid electronics, implantable biosensors and bioelectronics, packaging for extreme harsh environment, green/bio-resorbable packaging;  packaging of MEMS & NEMS,  packaging for wide bandgap devices, quantumc omputing,  packaging sensing and communication.

Materials and Processing: Photoresist, polymer dielectrics, solder, die-attach, underfill, substrates, lead-frames, materials for wafer & panel-level packaging; harsh environments; wafer bonding/debond materials; emerging electronic materials & processes; novel solder metallurgies; molding compounds; thermal interface materials; advancedwire-bonding, conductive adhesives. PCB for advanced packaging, assembly processes using newer materials. Substrates in the large/ultra-large package(SiP, SIM, MCP) integration

Assembly and Manufacturing Technology: Embedded/hybrid package manufacturing processes; warpage control and management in board-level assembly; thin die/package handling and assembly advance in flexible and printed electronics manufacturing Large/ultra-large package(SiP, SIM, MCP) integration and manufacturing; thermally enhanced packaging and assembly challenges. Additive manufacturing. Panel-level manufacturing and assembly. Heterogeneous integration and manufacturing.

Electrical Simulation &Characterization: Power plane modelling, Signal integrity analysis by simulations and characterization, 2D/2.5D/3D package level high-speed signal design, characterization and test methodologies.

Mechanical Simulation &Characterization: Thermal-mechanical interaction, moisture, fracture, fatigue, dynamic impact modelling and characterization. process modelling, etc.

Thermal Characterization& Cooling Solutions: Thermal characterization and simulation, component, system and product level thermal management and characterization

Quality, Reliability &Failure Analysis: Silicon,component, board and system-level reliability assessment, interfacial adhesion, accelerated testing, failure characterization.

Photonics, Opto-electronicsand Displays: Designsimulationinterconnectionpackaging, integration and materials for optoelectronics and novel displays - micro/mini/nanoLED, foldable and flexible displaysaugmented reality and virtual reality and wearable displays. Silicon and III-V photonics; optical sensors, interconnects, interposers, quantum device packaging; photonics SiP; free-space optical communications, waveguide; automotive photonics, 3D sensing; optoelectronic fiber coupling assembly, materials andreliability; fiber optic transceivers. electro-optical integration.

Smart Manufacturing and Equipment Technology: Smart Manufacturing in packaging, cycle time, data analytics, advanced metrology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced equipment for assembly, packaging and handling Digital Twin and process simulation. 


Technology talk by industry and academics experts in advanced packaging was introduced in EPTC2020. it  was well appreciated by the delegates and the  committee is happy to continue the Technology talk in EPTC 2021. We are inviting industry and academic experts in packaging R&D and Manufacturing supplier industries (materials, equipment and services) on technology innovation, challenges, potential gaps, product and services road map. More details are updated on the conference website, and proposals for technology talks can be submitted at