EPTC 2016 best paper winners

Best Student Paper

Highly Efficient and Flexible Plasma based Copper Coating Process for the Manufacture of Direct Metallized Mechatronic Devices

Martin Muellera and Joerg Franke

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS), Fuerther Strasse 246b, 90429 Nuremberg, Germany.



Best Academic Paper

Packaging Solution for a Novel Silicon-based Trace Humidity Sensor using Coulometric Method


Piotr Mackowiak1, Biswajit Mukhopadhyay1, Oswin Ehrmann1,4, Klaus-Dieter Lang1,4, Michael Woratz2, Peter Herrmann2, Olaf Pohl3, Volker Noack3, Suyao Zhou4, Quoc Cuong Dao3,Thanh Hai Hoang³, Ha-Duong Ngo1,3,a

1Fraunhofer Institute of Reliability and Microintegration, Berlin, Germany

2ACI GmbH, Berlin, Germany

3University of Applied Sciences, Microsystems Engineering, Berlin, Germany

4Technical University Berlin, Germany

a ha-duong.ngo@izm.fraunhofer.de


Best Industry Paper

Double side sintered IGBT 650V/200A in a TO-247 package for extreme performance and reliability

Gustavo Greca 1; Paul Salerno 1; Jeffrey Durham 1; Francois Le Henaff 1,a; Jean Claude Harel 2; Johan Hamelink 3; Weikun He 4;

a  flehenaff@alent.com


Best Interactive Paper

Qualification of 3D Integrated Silicon Photonics

Massimo Ferea, Livio Gobbato, Matteo Tremolada, Mark Shaw, Olivier Kermarrec2, Carine Besset2 , Roberto Curti, Fabio Pietro Fiabane, Xueren Zhang1
STMicroelectronics, Agrate Brianza - Italy, 1Singapore, 2Crolles - France